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Gaming - ROG Phone

GameVice Controller


  • Best mobile controller experience
  • Connect direct to the phone with no pairing, and ultra-responsive real controls with zero latency
  • Full set of physical controls – joysticks, triggers and buttons
  • Up to 200 games on the Google Play™ store

ROG Cetra in-ear gaming headphones

  • Active Noise Cancellation technology eliminates environmental noise.
  • Large, 10mm ASUS Essence Drivers deliver strong bass and optimized gaming audio.
  • Ambient Mode lets the sounds of the outside world in for times when you need to hear what's going on around you.
  • An ergonomic design, three sizes of ear gels and fins, and a pair of foam ear tips ensure a secure and comfortable fit. USB-C connector provides multiplatform support for mobile phones, PCs, Mac and Nintendo Switch.


WiGig Dock

ASUS WiGig® Dock


  • Ultrafast Wi-Fi Certified WiGig® 802.11ad with 60GHz, up to 10X faster than 802.11ac
  • <25ms latency-free data connection for super-smooth visuals
  • Transfer data wirelessly at up to 7Gbps high speed
  • Tämä tuote ei ole yhteensopiva ROG Phone II Strix Edition -mallin kanssa.

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